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If Only
« on: March 28, 2020, 01:57:39 AM »
Itís apparent Iíve no talent or Iíd be swamped with praise
Iíd have gained both financially and in respects of fame
Unfortunately Iím just wasting my sweet time every day
Iíve no fortune to tell of nor respects spoken on my name

Must I persist
Admittedly Iím no connoisseur
Shall I just quit
Is it wiser to lie
Act prideful despite the risk

Iíve no faith in a fruitful future
Iíve no hope of heaven in the here and now
My faith wavers
Steadfast at times
Reluctantly I know Iíll bow
Iíll be consumed be evil men
Iíll be abused due to spite and hate
All that seems to console me is resignation of my fate

Iíve no words of wisdom
No quotes of justice
No poetic poise or love

I exist
Even if only for my God above

There's No Justice It's Just Us