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Infidels Intrepid Idiocy
« on: April 09, 2020, 08:25:27 AM »
I donít wanna be savage
Iím just collateral damage
Iím a civilian
Not Sicilian
I donít give a fuck bout the cabbage
Bout to get ravaged for all of this baggage
You can keep the rep
The M.A.P. is just average
Donít waste ya time talkin why
Itís all about the Benjamins
Different era
Same time
Whatever ya lingo
Iím talkin Binga and Bingo
Say it in Spanish
You canít manage the panic
Lavishly laced to perfection like a prefect on acid
Demandin the derogatory
Notorious like monopoly
Save it for Deuteronomy
Iím simply suedo comedy for clowns with no honour, B
Back trackin like a bitch done fell off the bandwagon
What you bragging bout Bo?
A jab and a rag?
If Iím gunna get my top rocked like a backwards bitch Iíll claim Kriss Kross and you can kiss my lilly white ass like Ike dissed the cops
I donít speak less Iím spoken to
Been poked by more than a few
Nothing original goiní on round here
Same game
Different Jew
You could call a spade a spade while I dig my own grave
Shovel shit for a living without getting paid
Nothing new happenin here
Smoke and mirrors appear to smear my perception till all thatís left is the fear
Iíll go out like so many before come and gone
Iím no hustler
I sleep like a baby new born
Exit the same way I came in
Bring it on
Nobody testin emselves with me
Pro, Pimp or Don

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