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Could this be the track with Eminem and Kendrick Lamar called Alive?

If so, wouldnt it be funny we 'had' it in front of our eyes this whole time with X's Hurtlocker and now this?
It wouldn't, because it's 100% not real tracklist and to see some individuals believe there's even a small chance that it is makes me cringe.

Whoever made this list was like 15 years old. He just slapped random names of whoever he thought was a "real" and gave the songs the most basic "gangsta" titles to make that tracklist fit his definition of real rap.
The guy who made this certainly had no idea how and whom Dre works with, so he decided to list the most classic artists and producers in random order. That's why there's a song with Rakim and Em produced by Dre and Scott Storch, that's why DJ Quik is listed as a producer on so many tracks, including Young World, which sounded like anything but a Quik's style beat, that's why Em's listed on It's Alive, when it's obvious he wasn't supposed to be on the real track, that's why many producers the styles of whom don't mix with each other are listed as co-producers on the same tracks. And that's why every song is produced by Dre, when it's a known fact that he doesn't even produce that much nowdays.
Basically, that list is a wet dream of someone who doesn't really know Dre style.

And I can't believe something as obvious as this needs to be explained.

Theres no explaining needed.  we were just discussing the possibility of what the tracks could be.  i never heard hurt locker before this, so it is just something interesting to look at in my eyes.  allows me to revisit some of the stuff that leaked around that time to get a better understanding of what may have been made for it.  and in all honesty, i really dont give a shit if it makes you cringe.