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Burn Notice
« on: July 02, 2020, 01:27:04 AM »
Everybody so sensitive
But got no issues disrespecting me
Then cry wolf
As if theyíve never done no wrong
Iíve done it too so trust me son
Itís all fun and games till itís your own ass
All of a sudden we develop class
Like it was cool to disrespect a lame
Heaven forbid weíre found the same
Or worse yet
Insults and jabs and jibes
Mean nothing until we are deprived
Taken for a ride
All of a sudden a man has pride
Itís a simple fact
The ego is vain
Has no qualms with laying blame
Or placing shame on other men
Regardless that weíre not  innocent
Trust me
Iíve committed the same offence
Some back their big bad mouths straight up
Others back down
Or worse yet
Shit gets rough
And no you canít excuse a fool
If you hope to change the fact heís cruel
Sometimes the only way to learn
Is to sit back and watch the bitch just burn
Canít school someone donít wanna learn
Like I said
Lean back
Watch the bad bitch burn