Author Topic: True Martyrs of US Aggression, Volume 1: Salvador Allendé  (Read 54 times)


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This isn't a series about Bin Laden and Saddam, who deserved to be kicked around, but about the undeserving martyrs of US aggression.

Salvador Allendé was the democratically elected president of Chile in the 70s. He hated the USSR. But that didn't matter. Why? Because he was a pinko.

The US government had him replaced with General Agustin Pinochet, who would kill hundreds of thousands before he was done.

Well done, Land of the Free. Shame Chile wans't, eh?

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Re:True Martyrs of US Aggression, Volume 1: Salvador Allendé
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Word, Owen. Props on this post, Allende is one of those forgotten victims of American aggression. Add Mosadeq to that list, Nkuramah, etc
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