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Question for those who smoke
« on: July 29, 2020, 09:51:38 PM »
1. does eating kill your high?

2. does water (bath, shower, sea) kill your high?

3.are there ways to enhence your buzz?make it lasyt long?


Re: Question for those who smoke
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Re: Question for those who smoke
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1. No, Food will just taste better than normal. Too much sugar possibly helps kill your high. so if you do it/drink too much of that, smoke more.
2. No, just make sex in the water closet/bath/shower/sea better. (Try doing it in a luxurious place though, not the ghetto)
3. Smoke Sun Rocks. Smoke Moon Rocks. Smoke Wax. Watch something with amazing visuals/sound system/comfy chair (go to a nice movie theatre). Listen to music (preferably stuff you like/Trippy sounding), again on a good sound system. Have sex. Can't emphasise that point enough, it feels good in the company of Mr. Herb. Whilst listening to good music on a good sound system (I recommend Dr. Dre remixes from the 90's). Eating shit food can taste better than it normally does, tasting Michelin starred food tastes hella nice on dope.
Smoking weed while high on shroomz may sober you up. Instead of mixing up those two I'd recommend eating sum truffles/shroomz and then some XTC. Much better high than all three on their own. Wouldn't recommend Ecstacy/MDMA on it's own though, waste of braincells/spinal fluid. Although if you do do it, smoking lots of green in the 45 minutes or so before you come up is quite nice.
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Re: Question for those who smoke
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^^ haha ok dude.

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Re: Question for those who smoke
« Reply #4 on: September 21, 2020, 09:56:52 AM »
Eating Mango 40 mins before you smoke will naturally get you higher. I read it online and tried it myself and it works