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Da Hogg *Freestyle #1"
« on: July 30, 2020, 01:39:40 AM »
pon da attack
i prey on the elements turn my show into social experiment
its sure elemental
da lyrics i kick make you stressed & mental
keep my name outta your dental
before i gets sentimental
all you hear is a warcry
rip you to bloodclaat fractals
you gets no props more loco than crips & bloods
shock da whole scene when my shit drops
i never flip flop
lemme rip da micro for pussy, weed & sweets
fuck real hip hop
sick to da brizzain structure great like britain
get you hooked & on da system like black tar heroin
my rhyme scheme causes psychosis talk so much shit i got halitoses
verbally rock more mics at shows than guns n roses
fuck you posers, imitators, wanna bees & has beens
cryptic more vicious than dahmer, tic toc, goofy like mr.bean