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For My Baby Brother
« on: August 01, 2020, 06:08:44 AM »
Aribbbba muthafuckaz

How you gon play me like I was never down
How you gon act like I ain't makin heavy sounds
How you gon act when this shit is real life
How you gon act without a script this ain't mime

Never been down for the clown shit
Never been down for the pound trick
Never been played like a fiddle
Did a little dirt but I never did a muthafucka dirty like you
Who the fool now
I go ya every round till I drop and I'll drop ya in the third
You ain't heard?

Caught my first body at 13
Second one two years later
Who the snitch now ya hater
I'm knockin my own product
I'm push amphetamine
EVERYBODY addicted
They just dollar signs to me
Fuckin fiends

Broke ALL the rules at the club with a flick of the wrist
I can tell a scrubber from a sexy fuckin bitch
Gots respect for that dancing, prancin
managing shit
I take her off stage at Shoop and put her in Global Planet trick

Beat the fuck outta biker bitch when my man was locked up
She had my friend double banked
I said you the next one gettin knocked
Forgot to wipe my prints off the clock
Everyone ducked
You bitches duckin
I'm fuckin cluckin
Chuckin junkies up and they do it for a buck