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It Was Written
« on: August 01, 2020, 05:54:10 AM »
I'm no hustler but I'm not sleepin
I'm gettin spiked but this ain't Zone 3
I'm snitchin on myself
I playin the P
I ain't no G

I'm flippin this shit
EVERYBODY gotta eat
We can't all be Bosses B

I'm makin Lames famous
I'm actin outright shameless
I'm gettin Everybody paid bruz
Even though technically I'm aimless

I know brothers that'd fist ya mother's
I know sisters that'd fist ya misters

I'm a mistresses mistress
I'm a llittle listless
I'm rhyming in whispers
Walkin what I talk till I get blisters

I kinda changed my style
But ya gotta keep it fresh
Can't call it wild if it's tame
I ain't spitting game
Game said it was written
I'm just trying to feed people with what I write
I don't care whether it's sang, spoken or spitten

Gatz N Rozes

Re: It Was Written
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nice rhymes maaam

Cubic Zirconia

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Re: It Was Written
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nice rhymes maaam

I got nothing to fuckin write about dude
Give me something to write about
My poems are trash ATM