Author Topic: If ya like even one line..... Steal it. I think it's cool.  (Read 108 times)

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If ya like even one line..... Steal it. I think it's cool.
« on: August 01, 2020, 09:36:21 AM »
It's a beautiful fuckin world sometimes
Makes my green eyes just sing and shine
N I smile
Coz I'm carefree for a moment or two
Got plenty problems
But the day feels brand new

It's a sick fuckin world sometimes
Thinkin I'm not the only one bein dealt a demise
Tried to act just but to Nazis that's a crime
And I'm not fuckin innocent
Fucked up plenty of times

It's a sad fuckin world
For so many boys and girls
The misery unfurls
Can't believe the lows they'll go to
The blows they'll deal
What foes do
Decimatin and instigatin hatred
Like my poems too

It's a soft world sometimes
Wish I could just share that soft with someone that cries
Coz their world so hard and cruel
And if they show soft they're a fool
Just wanna soften the blow
Coz even I can't stop the pain or the show
Just wanna make soft what's hard so they can have a peace that is unknown

It's a beautiful, sad, sick and soft world sometimes
For so many people who've never committed no crimes
It's unjust
Fantastical and Fair
Unfortunately not many people care