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Where's Ya Vest MC?
« on: August 01, 2020, 08:12:45 AM »
I'm never trustin nobody
I'm never fallin for no man
All these bitches wanna do is smoke ice and scam
All these muthaz wanna do is start an easy mark
All these cunts is about is putting my poor ass in a park
I'll bark
I'll beat
I'll show and prove
I'll stutter and stumble too
I'm not fuckin invincible
How bout you
I'm trying to be wise
See past the damned disguise
Play dumb to get the job done but you know I'm onto these guys
No friends
No family
Only enemies
I'm no soldier
I hold my own
I'm just trying to keep my head up fore I drown
I'm in the Zone
Can't trust Nobody
Love nothing
They gunna force me to act out
No doubt
I got no clout
I'm not sweatin over these vultures
They say go out swinging
So bring ya wife
Make sure to strap her to the back or side of the bike