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I Ain't Cheap - Take Whatever Ya Want
« on: August 01, 2020, 10:06:44 AM »
I ain't cheap.
Just Coz I don't expect an honest man.
Honestly I'd still be a virgin if that was one of my demands.
Coz I give it up without expecting some kinda payment or a treat.
You trickin yaself.
I'm not a Geisha.
Don't need no favour B.
If you knew how long I waited after waking to abuse.
Wouldn't be so quick to call me cheap or act like I should be used.
I fuck poor men.
Coz I'm poor.
I don't expect much from em at all.
If that's the requirements.
I'd rather hire em.
Least there's no yelling and shit every night. With them.
And I can't trust no man.
So I fuck while I can.
Still it's been near 4 years.
Met a man named Saturday after being celibate for close to a decade and he didn't want me either though he would call me up in tears.
Had so many fears.
But I treated him.
He had less than me.
Then again my money was slim.
He was trying to use me and abuse me coz like you he thought I was bein easy so fuck him.
Then I fucked his cousin but I'm trash in bed so that was nothin
Took a risk.
Regretted it.
Can't take it back so fuck a bitch.
I'm fuckin crazy but all I expect is to be treated like a lady.
Respectful nah.
None of this scammer shit.
Every muthafucka tryin to scam a bitch.
But I know just coz I give it up I'm not ya average little slut.
Don't wanna fuck a hundred men or spread my legs to make them ends.
I've averaged one man a year plus 4 years of relationships.
Only had 2 boyfriends.
Never really trusted none of these tricks.
But I'm not cheap.
I don't give a fuck about social norms.
Too late to be askin for a dowry since I went to bed fore I was wed.
But I ain't cheap.
I'm not even a freak.
You'd think I'm boring coz I'm outta practice.
I think a lot.
I can be generous when on the mattress.
But I ain't cheap.