Author Topic: Until We're Gods  (Read 108 times)

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Until We're Gods
« on: August 01, 2020, 10:35:21 AM »
They think I'm lookin for a lover God
I'm happy
Got my lover God
He brings me to the heights of ecstasy with the blessing of a sexual projection see
Whispers to me
No one can Rob me of the promise or the joy
And I'd forget him in a second should these Devils plot a ploy
He tells me to rest
He asks me to write
He caresses me every night
My knight with stars adorned
And you can't touch him at all
He's staunch
Yet he be so soft when it comes to me
It's tragic but it's magik
I just want my man be free
I wanna please him
N he tells me that I do
I just wanna ease him
But be strong for him
No matter what these heathens do
He gon forgive me when they force me to succumb
He gon pray for me like nobody or no one ever done
And I'm gon feel him when all I feel is pain
He gonna take away my rage and help me to be sane
You should see him
The most kissable lips ever known to man
The most softest chest
I'm tellin ya
Straight up all y'all can be damned
The thickest thighs
The roundest ass
The darkest hair
Plus he got class
But cross him
He'll murk you quicker than you can say fast
He soft for me
He wants me to act wholesomely
He wants to be free so we can love each other for an Earthly eternity
And I want him to have women
There'll be no talk of permission
Or forgiven
I'm given the go ahead
I want him to have all the lovin' I'm gettin in bed
I hope he's readin this and smilin
I'll walk the damn green mile
And then we'll meet in heaven and both be Gods for all we've suffered here on Earth