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Who You Wanna Be?
« on: August 02, 2020, 08:53:35 PM »
Who you wanna be today
You wanna play enemy or friends babe
You wanna get my hopes up just to let me down so you can act like I'm gon choke when I act woke n you call me clown
What you wanna do today baby
You wanna chill with me
We can put some rap on and handle it sippin on coffee B
Where you wanna go
Wanna trip around the world
We could just sit at home relaxing while you call me your girl
What ya gunna tease me with next trick
You wanna play gangsta games
Bring ya gun son
I'll stab ya without a second thought ya lame
Who you wanna be today
Are you runnin from yaself
You got somethin to fear
That why you keep makin my life a fuckin hell
Who you wanna be
Your bravado is getting old
Like you ya wrinkled old goon
Your tale already been told
You flip it
Like you too scared to be yourself
It's cool babe
I won't tell nobody you wanna reveal yourself
I kinda get it
For one I'm not layin ALL my cards out
I'm not letting EVERYBODY know what the fuck I be about
And then you don't want nobody snitchin
So don't snitch on your damn self
You say you ready for me but you can't even be real with your damn self
So who you wanna be today
Which agenda ya gunna play
Sure it's cute to a certain extent but it's kinda annoying Babe