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Black Lives Matter
« on: August 02, 2020, 07:05:32 PM »
Listen here
You really think people fighting like they got nothing to fear
People fighting coz they fearful
Folks is getting tortured every day of the year
And they never committed no fuckin crime and you know what so what if they did
Guilty folks aren't supposed to get tortured either ya fuckin pigs
You could end up in the prison too
Defending yourself or doing something stupid fool
You really think people asking for justice if nothing was fuckin wrong
What you know about this shit and what folks is going through
Black Lives Matter need to be said
Coz some folks think they don't
Some folks actually think Black Lives are a joke
Just to be toyed with
A source of profit and revenue and gain
You listen to all that gangsta shit but don't understand the pain
You claim that you down then diss Black Lives again
Just like the swine
Just like the crackers
Just like the fuckin KKK
How you gonna claim you down if it's only for the fame
You'll encourage a brother to smoke crack
You'll encourage a sister to strip
He doin it too
So is she
You care if they get picked
You care if they get paid
You care if she can pay the rent or if he get locked up in a cage
Black Lives Matter need to be said
Coz most y'all don't care if they live or dead
You don't care if Black folks gettin tortured and shit
You don't care if the Klan are fuckin cops and judges and shit
You don't care if they train JUST TO KILL BLACK FOLK
You claim you down but you callin BLM a damn joke
Black Lives Matter
And Black folk are part of All Lives
How you gunna get angry at someone for tryin to survive
How you gunna say All Lives
You like staying the obvious
You even experienced oppression
You ever had your freedom robbed of Yas
Black Lives Matter need to be said and screamed into the night
All Lives will never matter until Black Lives do and we down to fight