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On God
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On God
He got me trippin
Slippin when he hit me off
True God
I'm kinda selfish
True God
And now I'm lost
Too true
He got me cursin
Serving these fuckin Hoggs
Damn it
I got nothin left to give these two bit fuckin dogs
But they gunna take
Fake it
Stake me out
Shake it
Break it
Hate my clout
True God
They got me
On God
Can't stop me
But I know it not Gunna last
He's just a hallucination
Everybody knows BONeZ ain't that fast
EVERYBODY seems to like it when I get tossed
Could at least get something out of it even if it's not worth the cost
True God
My Blood run red and cold
My vanity is Blue
There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do for him
He's true
I never said he was such and such a man
He's a man
That's all that counts
On God
I'll just forget these fools coz they're not what I'm about