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Just Trying
« on: August 04, 2020, 02:34:23 AM »
Just tryin babe
Just trying
But I know they're gunna mess with me again
That's why sometimes I just give up
Not wasting my energy on them
But ya gotta keep trying
Can't give up on yaself
So I'm just trying
Even though sometimes it feels like Hell
I'm trying
Don't know what else to do
Tryin to keep my head screwed on straight but not sure if anyone cares bout what I'm goin' through
I'm just trying
I'll try till I got no fight left
And even then just coz I fall don't mean I won't get up again
Just gotta keep trying
They deny it but it's obvious to me
It's no coincidence
The instances
They instigate me see
So I'm just trying
I know others got it worse
And yes
I care
Honestly it hurts
I'm just trying
Don't know what else I'm sposed to do
Don't wanna give my all or I'll have nothing left for you
I'm just trying
I worked so hard in the past
I'm getting old babe
I'm trying
Not sure how long I'll last
I'm still trying
I know it don't seem like much to you
I can barely keep my head on straight
I'm doing all that I can do
I'm being compassionate with myself
Coz the future that I fear
Is no mercy
Only hurting
So I'm playing it by ear
I'm just trying Babe