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Time To Kill
« on: September 05, 2020, 02:08:57 AM »
Gave so much of my time
Wasted so much of my worth
On men who don't care if I hurt
Took so many risks
Took so many hits
Now I'm hittin switches on gutless fuckin tricks
Switchin up
I ain't your slut
You ain't no man
I'll be damned
How many times you gunna try me only for me to understand that you was never down for me
You did the bid
I bought the weed
Now you the one laughin like the sargent and I'm a fool coz I believed
Believe in me
I got more than a bleeding heart my dear
I got a nack that'll have ya layin blinded on ya back
Ya hear
And I'm prepared to go down
Nevermind the clown shit
Trust me
All you did was waste my time and now I got no time to chill
Got time to kill