Author Topic: You're a fuckin Actor and a piss poor one at that  (Read 77 times)

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You're a fuckin Actor and a piss poor one at that
« on: September 05, 2020, 07:01:02 AM »
Dumb fuck must hate emselves
Tryin to be me
How fuckin desperate cunt
I'm no bod ee
I'm fuckin homeless
No family or friends
And you want my fuckin identity
Good luck makin ends
You're fuckin scum
You're fuckin vomit
You're a piece of shit
You're dirt
Sucked the fuck right in cunt
I know you're gunna hurt
Like fuckin horror
No remorse
No fuckin hope
Coz you wishin hell on earth for me
You're a muthafuckin joke
Die slow and painfully
Die like the parasitic fuck you are
Drag as many Stan's down with ya as you can you trifling star
You're fuckin scum
Have ya fun
Build yaself up oh so high
That when you fall it's YOU that's gunna be so shocked and surprised
You're fuckin worthless
I might be poor but I gotta heart of gold
I gotta priceless fuckin soul and my soul cannot be sold
I'll curse ya in my torment
In my very fucking being
I'll wish Hell on all you cunts and every slut that been deceiving
I'll let God deal with you bastards
I'll let the most high be your judge
You're gunna be surprised cunt
You think YOU got a grudge
Suffer the ultimate Sufferance
Bask in my fear and pain
I'm gunna drive you fuckin maggots insane