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This Can't Be It
« on: September 05, 2020, 03:23:21 AM »
This can't be it
But then I think just what life has been for some
Through no fault of their own they have been shunned
So this is it
As I endeavour to make a difference
I see clear
Maybe there's no hope
Maybe I'll try to persevere
Maybe I'll stick at it
Maybe I'll give up
Maybe I'll have a laugh
Maybe I'm outta luck
This can't be it
But here I am
What is is
This must be it
Guess it's just the draw of the card
The roll of the dice
This must be it but it can't be
How'm I gunna complain
I've had it pretty good
Some folk never known nothin but torment when we all know they shouldn't
This can't be it
Wanna make it better
Wanna help my fellow man
I may not have walked his path but I'm tryin to understand