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Die Slow
« on: September 05, 2020, 03:48:03 AM »
I don't wanna fuckin man ya treat women like shit and I sure as fuck don't wanna bitch
I don't want ya protection
I don't wanna be ya whore
Daddy's little girl anymore
I don't wanna exist ya fuckin toe rag cunts
Ya pimp children out ya scum fucks
Die Slow
I hope you rot in fuckin hell ya mongrel dogs
Get off ya ass and get a real job
Lazy fuckin bastards and useless whores
We're feeding you cunt
You want the applause
I'll slam ya fuckin head in the door
Stab ya in the kitchen
Throw hot oil in ya face while I'm fryng ya fish n stab ya with the shards of the plate
After a smack ya with it in the muthafuckin face
You're fuckin scum
Sweatin ya slut out over a lame like me
Don't test Yaself ya gutless fuckin skeez