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Dear Scavengers
« on: September 10, 2020, 05:23:30 PM »
These scavengers wanna bludge off my lame fuckin poems
Callin it game waiting for BONeZ to bring home the bacon
Keep waiting
I'll never serve rump to you chumps
You're beggars
No better than weak ass, bitch made punks
I'm retiring
You're tired
You've played your damned self
I'd rather starve or put my ass on the shelf
I'd rather beg, borrow or steal than feel the scum shit you call zeal
Clever my Lilly White Snatch
You ain't real
You're a scum fuck
All of yas
D gen
I'd eat ya for breakfast then vomit
Thee off ends
I'd rather lick my own ass than show you some class
I'd rather suck a mutts dick than show you how to turn tricks
I'd rather finger a rat than tickle your fat
I'd rather spit slime than write a dead set fuckin rhyme
Ya nothin
You're a mark
You're a nobody
I'd rather
Eat faeces than dine with you bums
Know nothin
Two bit wanna bes
Building empires off artists with ACTUAL talent
You like fleas
You just parasites
I'll give ya a bone
Can ya dig it
It's wicked watching you crawl off the throne
Just a punk on ya own