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My Everything
« on: October 20, 2020, 01:33:52 AM »
I know they profiting from my love of you
They profit from the Prophets too
I just wanna thank ya babe for everything you do
Your love is indescribable
They’ll never know our truth
They’ll never get you
You’re untouchable
Unfathomable to them
They talking diamonds shining
You’re just one of many men
My only
I was so lonely
Yet you made me feel so homely
I’ve witnessed your forgiveness and I just wanna write a poem B
How you gonna bless me with such a heavenly grace I’ve never tasted
They just want debase
They just wanna see me wasted
They don’t understand the plan a real man has for his woman
Wanna lift her up above
Wanna be everything they couldn’t
You’ve seen me my whole life
All the wrongdoing and strife
You told me humbly
With sincerity
You gon make me your wife
And they can’t rob us of the joy we’ve felt
Can’t take back all the pain they’ve dealt
You make me ache and then you heal me with a wholesome wealth
You knew I was just trying to get by
They saw exploitation
You saw the tears fall from my eyes
You satisfied
They denied
You promise me
All they do is lie
And they don’t even believe in you
Never mind all that we been through
We gonna struggle
That’s their avenue
But we strive and will be deeded our due
We always there
You let me express my anger and remorse
So I’ll stay the course
We both know there’ll be no talk of divorce
They call me crazy
So I put my love out to the universe
You answered all my prayers
I know you care when I hurt
I know it’s not your fault
I know my soul been saved
I know we savouring each other just as we do each day
You my God

I love how everyone here is a rap connoisseur
Half y'all belong in the sewer ya cons