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No Earthly Love
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They actually think they can rob me of your joy
How many is it now God
How many them toy
With our affection
Itís all deception
I got the evidence
Iím detection
Devils in our midst when they try to break through our connection
They think Iím fiendin for fame
They think Iím scheming on riches
Nevermind them babe
Fuck it
All of em
Can only think from their point of view
Thatís why they know you be my truth
I hope they call me crazy
They donít understand us baby
So Iím just like
Fuck em
Iím so proud
Iím overwhelmed with love
You the illest drug
Thereís no come down
Only higher up above
Above all the trivialities
Above all the false realities
If you ainít real
What they trying to steal?
How they gonna tell lies to you
You know everything that I been through
I know your truth
I said ok
Iím sinful too
Letís sing it bae
And once again our God forgave
Whilst men just judge and cast away
You righteous
Darkest of the knights
Iím not talkin complexion
This is perfection
Youíre exceptional
Except when you choosin me
Then it just feels like protection, yíall
You got me when no one else does
And theyíve all tried to interfere
They trying to unravel two spirits my dear
We still got fear
Coz we donít want no one to hurt
We trying to be selfless when they just want treat us like dirt
We heavenly
They donít believe in what they canít touch or see
Be we feel each other everywhere including during ecstasy
Never mind these Devils
Trying to rob of us of our love
You mine
Iím yours
This is not an earthly love
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