Author Topic: My Poem About Cube's Reperations Promise From T-Rump  (Read 210 times)


My Poem About Cube's Reperations Promise From T-Rump
« on: October 20, 2020, 03:27:34 AM »
 Everybody talkin like they wanna be down
With the g sounds, West Side Connect and Dogg Pound
Cube come out the red, white and blue talkin billions
all of a sudden everybody in they feelins
Trust me
Not Trump G
I'm feelin' it too
Gonna work with the Klan
I'm like WTF, dude?
Money be talkin so loud got me deaf
Can't hear all that bullshit
Just cut me the cheque
Trump's money still good
He still feedin the hood
Didn't cut off food stamps but fuck him I'll stomp on his camp
#ADOS built the nation through blood, sweat and tears
400 years
They ain't even my peers but cheers 🍻
None of my bizzness
Nevermind all this wack wigness
I'm just overjoyed
Lives been toyed with now justice employed and I'm still just ya boy even though I'm not poised like that
How this lil cracker Gunna celebrate a Dirty Mack
Fuck him too
Fuck every body gangin on me
Even you
Glad ya got ya money b
Fuck Donald T
What happened to nobody free till we all free
Iím not dissing descendants
Iím dissing slavery
Wavers be the ultimate for an ultra vet
Ainít gon take the chain from nobody neck
We all sittin on our I phones
Full of cobalt
You gotta Samsung
You so adult
Ainít our fault
But we consuming
We abusing
We using
We choosin to do it
Like I said
Ainít my bizzness
Yeah you the baddest
This wack Cracker been witness to little children Slavin for our gadgets
So Iíll leave this here
Got nothing more to say
Than Fuck Donald Trump all the way to judgement day

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I love how everyone here is a rap connoisseur
Half y'all belong in the sewer ya cons