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Eazy-E - Impact Of A Legend
« on: October 26, 2020, 05:17:14 AM »
I got a question regarding that album.
Why wasnt DJ Yella, MC Ren, Above The Law, Kokane, Dirty Red or Bone Thugs part of that album.
I know that most of them wasnt really dealing with Tomica, but it makes no sense putting a bunch of artist on the album that wasnt really around with Eazy.

I think Bone Thugs was still part of Ruthless back in 2002, and they couldve done something.
And BG & Dresta were in prison back in the day, so their absence is understandable.

Dre & Cube were part of the DVD and they couldnt make a Remix with Eazyís vocals?
I like a few tracks on that album, but it couldve been way better than what we got.

Is there any info on what was going on?
Did any of these artist talked about this project?


Re: Eazy-E - Impact Of A Legend
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plain and simple, those in charge of eazy-eís posthumous catalogue are awful

apparently rhythm d still has tons of unreleased eazy vocals that his estate isnít willing to sign off on


Re: Eazy-E - Impact Of A Legend
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If I had to guess, they wanted to go cheap and figured Eazy's name would sell without any big names. And maybe Bone didn't want to do it with all the Ruthless drama going on at the time.


Re: Eazy-E - Impact Of A Legend
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Its still weird there are no interviews or articles talking bout this.
Like i said Dre & Cube appeard on the Dvd, but couldnt drop a verse or a remix?