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Che Pope Interview (Aftermath/GOOD Music Alumni) Part 2
« on: November 02, 2020, 10:20:04 AM »

Today, we sit with legendary producer and music mogul Che Pope for Part 2 of our exclusive interview. Che has worked with the likes of Kanye West, Pusha T, Dr. Dre, The Game, and many many more. He is internationally known and has twenty plus years in the music industry. He is a veteran and it was our pleasure to sit down with him for our multi-part interview. Here is part two. Remember to stay tuned to Illuminati2G for all your latest music news…enjoy. To check out part 1, click on the link below:

Q.) You worked with Raw Villa in 2000. Was that just a one off thing or how did that record come to be?

Lets skip this one just cuz I honestly don’t remember much about those sessions (I smoke a lot of weed around this time lol)

Q.) You worked with Cleopatra – the girl group. Tell us about those sessions. Not as well known in the United States, but abroad very known.

My first time over seas so I was getting into pop and just doing a ton of sessions — me and my boy James Poyser — Cleopatra, All saints, and a bunch more — so records came out and some didn’t but we did a bunch of dope shit. Met Marsha too from floetry before there was a floetry

Q.) YOu programmed on a Santana record. Was that a product of knowing Lauryn or how did it come about?

There’s that word a again —— I did track with Lauryn — that’s all I’m gonna say about that — once again I NEVER JUST PROGRAM nuff said — but he played on my song Zion on miseducation so we repaid the favor — love Santana — working with his daughter stella soon — she’s my homie

Q.) You worked with Common, tell us about that. Is there anything uncommon about Common? Haha.

Rashid (common) is dope — old friend — we used to hoop together — met him and his manager Derek Dudley when he and Ms Hill did a song — been cool every since
The record you’re referring to was for a movie sound track to this movie called white boys I scored

Cool song Common and Slick Rick — my hero!!!!!

Q.) You’ve worked with Slick Rick! Tell us about what its like to work with such a legend.

One of best sessions of my life — he brought me a bottle of champagne as a gift (I was supposed to do that for him) he’s a god to me !!!!!!

Q.) You worked with a legend Beverly Knight. Tell us about that.

Same thing from above — running around London working with every dope artist or group we could find — love London —— SO MUCH TALNET AND DOPE VIBES

Q.) You worked with Eminem on “Encore”. You worked on classics like Mosh, Just Lose It, Ass Like That, and the title track Encore. I know there was a few more hits than that on the album you helped make. Do you care to tell me about them and what the recording process is like?

Now we into Dre world and its just that – Dre world — it was like going back to school — I’ve said this in many interviews — it was like getting my masters degree
Em and Dre were like a polished machine at this point so it was a lot of fun — Em minds is so random but such genius

Q.) What is Eminem’s work ethic like? Are there any particular habits you may have picked up that he has?

Em is serious in the studio – usually he’s in one room by himself and we in another cooking up. I had a serious work ethic so never needed to pick that up from anyone but Dre was such a perfectionist — that did def contribute to my future work

Q.) You worked on the Outta Control Remix by 50 Cent. Can you tell me about that session and what sparked Dre to remix it?

With Dre we always made a ton of tracks so anything can happen at any time cuz we just experimenting and trying stuff — we had a really hard beat that was fire too but we tried this one and 50 really liked it and rest is history

Q.) One of the artists you collaborated with is Vivian Green. Tell us about helping her make “I Like It (But I Don’t Need It).

Such a sweetheart — really good vibes — wished we worked more but I moved out west and kinda lost touch — we were introduced and rocked out and that’s one of the songs from the session that made it out

Q.) You worked on the Get Rich or Die Trying soundtrack as a producer for Talk About Me and When It Rains It Pours. You worked with Mike Elizondo on that record. Tell us about that.

When it rains it pours was a beat I had and I re-did with Elizondo and Dre – Mike is a dope musician especially bass and nice at guitar too so he was able to replay parts and then Dre on the Boards you know its gonna sound great

Q.) You contributed via the keyboards to Jay Z’s “Trouble”? What was it like working on Kingdom Come?

Same deal we all did the track so I don’t get into semantics on who did what — record ain’t a record without the music — so we did a track called trouble — interesting fun fact about that song and higher from Game’s album — the main songs are from some of my Hans Zimmers sounds from when I worked with him.

Reason I’m picky about semantics when it comes to production — people try to diminish contributions using semantics and lets say I had some add a sprinkle of guitar at the end of a track — now that would just be maybe a session guitar player who gets no publishing but what he played might be “everything” might be the magic that took the song over the top so if I make music with someone —then we did it together. I play piano, guitar, bass,(not good but good enough) and drums, program, engineer, etc but I will work with amazing musicians every opportunity I get even though I can do it all myself — I believe in collaboration and vibing with folks that brings out your A game !!!

Q.) You did the intro track for The Game’s Aftermath/G-Unit debut, “The Documentary” as well as working on “Higher”. What went into that? Did you work on any unreleased tracks for that album?

I did the intro and Higher and worked on almost every song on the album because Dre is a beast and he touched everyones records to make sure they were up to his standards — had such a good time making that album

Q.) You worked with Dr. Dre on “Hold On” for Young Buck. Had Young Buck went into the studio with Dre prior to this album? Tell us how this work of art came to be.

Same thing — we made tracks all the time so Buck caught Dre on the right day and he gave him a track – you know Dre is a music hoarder – Hold on is dope cuz that’s me and Dre on that

Q.) You worked on three tracks on Busta Rhyme’s Big Bang album. Which one is your favorite?

Cocaina— not sure how he spelled it — but I like a lot of records on there — Busta is my taurus brother so we’re still close til this day

Q.) What is it like working with Busta Rhymes? How did Aftermath prepare for his album?

Intense sessions — good healthy arguments — a lot work — a lot fun and laughter — Busta is a beast

Q.) You worked with Missy Elliott on How We Do It Over here. What’s her studio process like?

Sadly we weren’t in together — we sent that over so I didn’t get to be in studio with her — I’ve met her a few times but I’m real cool with Timbo

Q.) You worked on Goldmine with Busta and Raekwon – the lyricists, and Eric Sermon being the producer. What was it like having those three legends in the studio?

I did two Raekwon songs but not with Sermon — 2 I did I did with Dre and mark — don’t remember the names but THEY FIRE !!!!!

Stay updated with Illuminati2G. Part three drops two weeks from now. I know you can’t wait to read it, but here’s a little snippet from it. Remember, two weeks and for all your other music news and updates – keep it locked to Illuminati2G.

In part three of our legendary interview with Che Pope we discuss the legendary Detox album and other happenings within Aftermath and GOOD Music. Stay tuned - two weeks from now - Che answers the question.
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I'm an ol' school collecta from the 90's SO F.CK DIGITAL, RELEASE A CD!