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Today, we sit with legendary producer and music mogul Che Pope for Part 3 of our exclusive interview. Che has worked with the likes of Kanye West, Pusha T, Dr. Dre, The Game, and many many more. He is internationally known and has twenty plus years in the music industry. He is a veteran and it was our pleasure to sit down with him for our multi-part interview. Here is part three. Remember to stay tuned to Illuminati2G for all your latest music news…enjoy. To check out part 2, click on the link below:

Q.) Gorilla Pimpin’ 5008 came out on Bishop Lamont’s mixtape “The Confessional”. Was it ever intended as a single and how many tracks would you estimate you’ve done with Bishop? Classic record by the way.

Mark worked a lot more with Bishop than I did but that’s my guy for real — he’s a real one

Q.) You were one of the participants in the making of Stat Quo’s debut album “Statlanta”. We know that most of if not all the track aren’t from The Math. So, tell us how that came about. You worked with Marsha as well on this record, right?

Stat is also still a good friend — talented dude and I was always sad he never got to blow up — Stat is a beast — did alot of music with Stat — so can’t even distinguish what was for statlanta of later projects we did a lot of stuff

Q.) You worked on Raekwon’s classic follow up album to Only Built For Cuban Links; Only Built For Cuban Links II. Were the tracks you worked on left overs from Rae’s time at Aftermath or brand new tracks?

Nah brand new and think I answer this above too – Rae is dope in the studio too — professional — still have a pic in my studio from that session — me dre rae and rza

Q.) Tell us about the infamous Detox record. Why do you think that album never came out and were there any tracks you thought were sure fire hits that you can name?

Q.) Who do you feel contributed to Detox the most? Like who shaped the record soundwise?

No comment — its a myth lol

Dre is a music hoarder I repeat — he prolly has 200 detox albums — I could never answer that lol

Q.) What made you transition from Aftermath to GOOD Music?

I didn’t go from one to the other — I left Aftermath and was working on other stuff for awhile – traveling – etc and met with Kanye about some investment stuff and that didn’t really pan out and then we started talking music and went from there

Q.) You worked as A & R, Programmer (The One), and Co-Executive Producer for Cruel Summer. What made you take on all these roles? What was it like handling the GOOD Music roster?

Well let me answer this this way — I co-exective produced the record with Kanye – that record took many directions and in the end we actually had to rush to finish it but great experience — recorded all over the world — London. – Qatar — New York — la – Hawaii —

Much more focused on executive role around this point — we had a ton of producers around — I would do some shit when I felt like it production comes naturally to me so that’s like shooting in the gym — working with everyone was dope — so much talent

Q.) You contributed to The Game’s Hood Morning: No Typo Tape. Tell us about that.

GAME IS MY GUY he calls I got him — he hit me so we did a 2 fire joints – one with dre and one with redman (I love the redman joint)

Q.) You’ve worked on a lot of tracks with GOOD Music. What are your favorites and what album did you like A & R’ing for the most?

Juke joint with asap and ye and MPA with push

All the albums — all different challenges and experiences etc

Q.) You programmed Pain, great record. What’s Pusha’s attitude towards making a record like that? Very urban record. Definite hit.

IM GONNA HAVE YOU REMOVE THAT WORD FROM YOUR VOCABULARY lol —I worked on pain but that’s a Kanye record — sometimes a lot of people work on Kanye records he just exploring textures to make the best music

Q.) You co-produced Bound 2 for Kanye West. His love ballad for Kim, as I call it. Tell us about that record. In fact, tell us about every song. Any songs that didn’t make the grade?

I produced Bound and Mike Dean did the chorus
Too much music to talk about every song — and yes there are always songs that don’t Make the albums or ideas and sketches that part of the process

Q.) How do you feel about the public’s response to Kanye’s Yeezus album?

I wasn’t surprised — 808s and heartbreak and yeezus you have to catch up too — they were the future and people have to catch up to them — that’s true greatness


Q.) You and Ye worked with A$AP Rocky. Tell us about how you two linked up with him. What’s his energy like?

His energy is dope — love working with Rocky

Q.) How many versions of All Day exist and how many are official releases?

Not sure

Stay updated with Illuminati2G. Part 4 drops two weeks from now and is the final chapter of this epic sit down. I know you can’t wait to read it, but here’s a little snippet from it. Remember, two weeks and for all your other music news and updates – keep it locked to Illuminati2G.

Q.) You worked with The Weeknd beside Kanye. The Weeknd is critically acclaimed outside of the urban scene/community. Tell us about the studio session.

Weekend is dope in the studio period – but for tell you friends he went in on his own and it back !!!! Fire
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