Author Topic: The Con·si·glie·re of the Alumni Family (circa 2014)  (Read 44 times)


The Con·si·glie·re of the Alumni Family (circa 2014)
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The Con·si·glie·re of the Alumni Family

I'm headed to an unknown location to take care of some family business
just another part of my vocation I'm rewarded handsomely my lifestyle is auspicious
my position requires me not to appear suspicious amongst the outside others
never revealing our true structure // undercovers inquired thinking we had the same mother
so we let them assume that the under-boss and I are true brothers
when we were younger we were number runners together during the summer
through ZEITGEIST we became jewel smugglers // trained to refrain from cocaine crimes
these days we use buffers, were hardly ever in the same place at the same time
I can't complain, I // climbed the ranks to get exactly where I am
we passed through the check point I suggested we take this trip by land
I roll down the window of the limo and wave my hand to signal the envoy that's here
even though I'm being protect I still old school I have my gat near
I'm well protected underneath my vest I have on the bulletproof
underneath that is the Alumni crest initially I wanted to enter here through the roof
I can hear my troops through walkie talkies their voices sound like loudspeakers
some of the soldiers sweep the hotel room for bugs but not like a housekeeper

I quickly unpack my things, lay in my bed and begin to meditate
heavy is the head that wears the crown and who's task it is to delegate
the family counts on me to elevate // it's long standing status of power
laying there I repeatedly play out various scenarios, I practice for hours
this criminal apparatus is ours we have full control across the globe
surpassing the prestige that any Sicilian mob boss could hold
I stood there robed and stared out of my window overlooking the coast
can't help but reminisce of the dear john letter that my wife wrote
I chose this life over her, this is where I want to be the most
can't blame her for walking out, maybe we could have talked it out? baby here's a toast
she was married to a ghost I knew it wasn't meant to be, it's either death or the penitentiary
had her worried I was going to get wacked when the Alumni first sent for me
that seems like a century ago, no time for that now it was my past life
I have a sit down to attended in an hour, I make sure I have my Zippo and my jackknife
believe it or not I packed light // we'll be here for twenty four hours tops
walking through the lobby escorted to the Bentley I pick a Carnation from a flowerpot

I entered the estate greeted by high ranking Alumni and our affiliates
I completely forgot to be a gift, what was I' thinking I must seem like an idiot
I hand over the flower to one of the guest, it's not really that serious
to my surprise even some here think the under-boss and I share lineage
I begin flirting with the woman I find the prettiest // until were called inside
it was a small private room some were nervous I could see it in the men's eyes
we took a seat at once it was never said but it was implied // so we all sat
I was going to speak first to break the ice but decided to fall back
took off my Stetson tall hat and admired the impression of the crest carved into a vase
there was a blazing fire burning wood inside of the fireplace
I can't go any further in detail but the meeting took my mind to a higher state
that goes for me and everyone at the entire place, I have a renewed faith in the enterprise
leaving I felt energized I had arrived early in the morning now it was dinner time
I invited the same woman I met at the estate to join me at the eatery
to my surprise she accepted eagerly, she's Alumni so she's well aware of the thievery
on our way she leans on me we talked as we enjoy the scenery..............
- The Alumni Consigliere
"Real g's move in silence like The Consigliere." - UNKNOWN