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Beautiful Mind Of The Alumni - 2012
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reading alone in my dorm room, I don't feel quite normal
I visualize myself as well as others walking through a portal
this can't be taking place, my heart begins to race
I won't live much longer if it continues at this pace
what's happening to me?
I know but don't want to admit it
if anyone finds out the truth, they'll have me admitted
on my last visit to the clinic doctors gave me drugs to take but I refused them
during this time in my mind, I was engaged in a debate in Houston
my brain can create people in role playing scenarios
things I hear them say plays in stereo, sometimes it's kind of scary though
I see them clear as day, it's like i'm viewing a Broadway play
I can no longer control when it happens
sometimes I blackout and forget when i'm rappin'
when I come to
I realize I have multiple verses, not one but two
one thing that I can't explain, is why neither of the verses sound the same
it's to the point where i've given each distinct style a different name
one says he's sicker than chlamydia in someone suffering from schizophrenia
he's rather violent, he once threatened to tie someones two eyelids
his beautiful mind causes me to do unusual crimes
I don't realize when i'm climbing the sides of buildings during unsuitable times
even though I suffer from this, i'm considered a genius by everyone that I meet
when i'm out on the streets teens mimic my mannerisms and my speech
it seems that they just can't resist the manner in which I speak
the Alumni visit the campus and they talk with me
maybe i'm just paranoid but I swear that they are stalking me
in between classes a man I know not even walks with me
it's awkward how i'm being observed, he's careful not to gawk at me
i'm researching that group and the myth of their pure gold crest
right now I feel as i'm filled with such a boldness
but it's not me and I know this, in the past my personality split when I wrote hits
it was as if my beautiful mind had undergone hypnosis
out of necessity my alter egos communicate using telepathy
I suspect they're three
but allegedly they are four clones collectively
- The Beautiful Mind Of The Alumni