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Some verses from a 2014 text battle against ZAF
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"my lines are harder than a Eight Tray gangsta trained in the CPT Zaf

you aint father not one style your career is just a EPT dash" - CHERNOBAL

    Dear Zaf, the rapper you idolize, your hero has used ghost writers

    when you quote him your a known biter // with your mouth opened whole, wider than the Pope's miter

    you switched to audio because you couldn't handle this dope writer

    I spit flames like my saliva is flammable / and I hold mics like I hold lighters

    on your hero's stick you a colt rider / refusing to get off holding the rope tighter

    while I blow fire // I hope he gives you a urinary tract infection

    I aint listen to the track in question / why? this isn't the rappin' section

    your racial views helped determine the results of the last election

    idiots like you voted solely on race even though he lacks a Black complexion

    to all of his supporters why hasn't he represented us? I have to ask that question

    for Mike Brown I'll pick you up and throw you (points upwards) in that direction!

    a slice stab is me attacking you with a razorback's aggression // my teeth simultaneously stabs and will slice you

    no matter the thickness of your hide my teeth and my tusk simply go right through

    Screw a text haiku and audio / I'll fly out to your hood and fight you // in your own Barrio

    you're Atari yo and I'm Super Mario // I'm ahead of you, my time and ahead of the game // beheaded your name

    battled you on wetted terrain / you sweated insane and bled in the rain // deaded yo reign

    better than Germaine // I'll treat Zaf's flesh like the hide of cattle, stretch him

    you aint really want it with the lyrical embodiment of a scrabble lesson

    you thought I might actual reply, that's why you didn't post your audio in the battle section! [ :)]

    you aint no professor your real profession is a suburbanite Seattle freshman

    make you inhale the smoke from my barrel weapon, my weapon barrel

    I'm a Texan feral a feral Texan teaching verbal explosive arrow lessons

    annually I have to get my throat scrapped from the gunpowder ammo resin

in a way you're like (edited), your music don't deliver so fans want their money back

my lines go over your head like a skully cap especially the gully raps

quit the funny act, you a snitch, a fuzzy rat like Donnie Brasco and I'm Sonny Black

they'll find your petrified body in a pool of hardened honey sap for tryin' to get it in

rip you open and eat you up like a bag of m+m's // kicked Zaf in his chest so hard that my shin went into him

picked his skeleton up and then ripped it from limb to limb shattered his skull with a thrown punch

could hear his bones crush later I smoked Zoloft out of his finger joint like a rolled blunt

his whole front side of his face is in my freezer and I stored his blood by the liter

I resurrect him and have him looking up running from my shooting drones like a wide receiver

that's not why you quit you lied, deceiver // we don't believe you, we don't need you

this is judgement day inside of the Matrix and the connection speed is T2

anyone reading this will agree too // me against you is like a terminator robot against R2-D2

want war? I'll have you seeing stars like staring at the flag of the EU // your rhymes are booty eww you

I spit C4 and the time space fabric I can foresee through // Zaf I sure hope you enjoyed the movie trivia

you can claim to be a professor but you'll never get to see the Alumni insignia / I push more dope bars than Bolivia

more hashish than India // practice a lyrical exercise regiment str8 from Olympia striking more men dead with Ebola than Libya

now, look at what I just did to ya!