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The End Of Lust
« on: December 26, 2020, 10:12:32 PM »
So Iíll just try to keep my mind from lust and trust in God
Iíll wait a lifetime for that heavenly kinda love
A love that canít be robbed of you
No promises to keep
Just faith and understanding
A rewards for fallen sheep
A gentleness
A bliss still so  unfelt
A heavenly reward for all the pain and stress been dealt
Because Iím in over my head
Canít even see the shore no more
Just waiting
Ever patient for my heavenly reward
Canít fight against the constraints of tyranny and devilishness
Canít even seem to shake this everpresent depressiveness
Canít recall a love long lost in which Iíd try to find some calm
Iím just wading in the depths of a despair scared and alarmed
So I pray
God save me once my time is up
Iíll rid myself of evil
Iíll give up on the lust
Iíll remind myself itís your favour I should seek
For men are simply shallow and care not for the tears I weep
Iíll try to persevere even when Iím overwhelmed
Not sure if Iíll succeed or succumb to Satans spell
Not quite sure of anything anymore
I just know I gotta go it all alone until the dawn
Rise each day appreciative that I made it through the night
Hope for something of more substance than intimacy or pride
Knowing Iím not the only one
Knowing many fall
For man is prideful
Weíre just muses for his gall
So Iíll pray for that reward that canít be kept of me or stolen
More precious than any gem yet just as golden
Iíll pray God pays me favour and comforts me these nights where Iím lonely and scared and filled with fright
I hope God calms me when they provoke me
I hope he shields me from the shame
Steers me from pretentiousness and gives me unworldly gains
Iíll just trust in a love that canít be corrupted or taken from
And maybe Iíll recieve when Iíve sung my final song

I love how everyone here is a rap connoisseur
Half y'all belong in the sewer ya cons