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Holographic Spit (circa 2014)
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on the real when life seems surreal, a nightmare in a pipe dream

I sit down with some ice cream and write things, tight schemes at light speeds

my dry ink projects lightning bright beams from what I'm writ-ing

I invite teams from the scientific community and they say that it's frightening

whenever I drop a random diss, my verbal cannons spit and makes a atom split

even with my throw away verses rappers used them to make a album with

so sick they couldn't fathom this on why I would I abandoned it

rhymes that caused de ja vu in the Matrix call it a phantom glitch

in this holographic universe I see things in decoded data visions

I deflect the galvanism to reverse magnetism causing cataclysms

simultaneously my cerebellum then becomes a living Tesla Coil

I make conspiracy theorist put on their hats made with extra foil

I chill brain fluids but when it comes to other liquids all of the rest will boil

mechanically technical lines my saliva is twin engine cessna oil

don't you dare laugh, those were holograms on 911 not real air craft

you can tell by the light glare flash that took place before the declared crash

why would you question my philosophical views on the ways of life?

when I raise the mic whether day or night the sounds I make are skewed rays of light

I manifest heat when I spit over a north, south, east, west or midwest beat

with songs I even utilize webmaster S.E.O. techniques

first I take THE verbs then I add reverb to the keywords

then I mathematically rhyme the multi syllables using three words

here's the basics of mathematics, find the average, subtract it and add it

I'm the most important thing to number formulating since the advent of the abacus was added

get at me dog if you want to feel a slit slice from a big knife or a pit bite

I can tell by how you clinch mics and your bark that you the b!tch type

you got your hands up but you not even holding your fist tight

I'll chew off your fingers and leave you with just your thumb like when you hitchhike

the holographic words I spit at you are multi-dimensional cylindrical

counter clockwise movement from the circumference of a circle centrifugal

make a outer space zone called bar-raq and become the Q on star trek

skills, that's what you call that? emcees to me they all wack

snap other writers pencils in half during warfare I break spears

a futuristic Shakespeare with holographic spit in the shape sphere

quadrupling the speed of sound I travel at speeds that devastate Lears

like a Red Nose American Pit with a forked tongue, I can taste fear

not only can I taste it but reception can also sense fear

the music industry shows no improvements that's why I was sent here

I'll plague the rap game with a swarm of locust every tenth year

when I speak at low frequencies the sound waves only shrimp hear

I'll leave you all ripped and then dip away in a star ship

the bars sick they follow one after another like a guitar riff

they've produced temperatures that's turned golden medals into molten metal

that's the real cause of global warming and the elevated ocean levels

the meaning of stone temple pilot to me is masonic mind control

beware of signals transmitted from unmanned drones that sky patrol

I insist you resist the persistent all seeing eye that eyes your soul

I'm a student of knowledge to its school you know that I'm enrolled

when you use the micro wave it kills the nutrients making it useless

there is a depopulation program in effect to them you are nuisance

truth is, most artist sell their soul for less silver than Judas

then whine when they go broke and say "The Jews that and the Jews this!"

cell towers emit electronic pollutants cancer can thrive when you are fruitless

facial recognition cameras monitor your eye movements

my verses make celestial creatures have fevers and seizures

sleepers and dreamers hear me from the speakers and wake up believers

daily I radiate four dimensional saliva by the liters

in origami patterns ranging in size from centimeters to meters