Author Topic: Mahomes = Jordan, Reid = Phil Jackson, Kelce = Pippen, Tyreek = Rodman  (Read 21 times)

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This the year Chiefs show they are the new dynasty, the 70ís Steelers, the 80ís 49ers, the 90ís Cowboys, the 2000s Patriots.

...but only one thing scares me.  Thereís another name that should be on that list.  Kareem Hunt.  He led the league in rushing as a rookie with the Chiefs.  Imagine the Bulls with a 4th superstar.... but TMZ fucced that up and Chiefs made a mistake releasing him after that video of him disciplininí a groupie came out...

Chiefs play Browns (Kareem Hunt) this weekend.  Kareem Hunt could fucc up our back to back run and get revenge on our organization for not having his back when the media tried to do him..

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