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E-40 interview on The Fred Minnick Show
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On this episode of The Fred Minnick Show, the great E-40, the legendary rapper and hip hop artist, joins the show. E-40, whose given name is Earl Stevens, is well known as a pioneer of West Coast rap, the founder of Sick Wid it Records, and a collaborator with artists like Tupac Shakur, Lil Jon, Snoop Dogg and countless others. E-40 also is a purveyor of spirits, from wine to cognac to tequila to his new bourbon brand, Kuiper Belt. During this week’s interview, Earl and Fred sip whiskey (obviously) and discuss topics such as his spirits brands, how hip hop would be different if Tupac was still alive, San Francisco 49ers football, and a lot more.

E40 Index



0:51 Talking Kuiper Belt Bourbon and Other Spirits

5:51 Investments and Goon With a Spoon

6:55 Whiskeys Sent to E-40

9:53 Russell’s Reserve Barrel Pick Tasting

12:53 E-40’s San Francisco 49ers’ Fandom

20:47 What Was Your Drink of Choice in ’90s?

22:25 What Was Tupac Drinking in the ’90s?

23:29 Talking Tupac and Hip Hop

25:17 E-40’s Career and Hard Work

28:34 Vintage Eagle Rare Tasting

29:07 E-40: “I’m Drunk!”

29:58 Back to Eagle Rare

31:09 Helping Young Rappers and Camaradarie

36:54 Droop-E

40:55 Clubhouse

42:57 Learning From Failure

44:55 Spanish Flu and Spirits as Medicine

47:30 With Age Comes Wisdom

51:19 Old Schenley Tasting

52:14 What Happened to E-40’s Platinum Record?

54:28 Fred’s Story About the Stored Whiskey Collection

55:44 Where is Fred’s Bourbon Brand?

58:57 Being No. 2

1:00:24 A Toast to E-40’s Mom

1:01:14 Circling Back to Old Schenley

1:03:06 Hip Hop Then and Now

1:11:01 ‘We Stayed Prayed Up’

1:12:23 Whiskey Brings Passion

1:13:44 Bailey Bryan and Kuiper Belt

1:14:19 Natural Like an Afro: Another Toast

1:16:27 Rising Stars in Hip Hop

1:19:09 Going Into the Studio Drunk

1:20:18 One More Shot

1:23:20 Outtake in Outer Space
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looks interesting!

thanks for the chapters!


I'm an ol' school collecta from the 90's SO F.CK DIGITAL, RELEASE A CD!


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