Author Topic: Prophet (Crown Me King) Interview (Sam Sneed, Dr. Dre, Detox, Reference Tracks)  (Read 163 times)


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Q.) What’s good, Prophet?

Just trying to make the best of every day I got left on this planet

Q.) Who are your favorite musicians, rap and non-rap wise? Who’d you grow up listening to?

I love all genres of music so my favorites vary.. I love Bob Marley, Stephen Marley, Vybz Kartel, Bounty Killer, Nina Simone, Michael Jackson, Tupac, Jay Z, Nas, Mobb Deep, Ghostface Killah, UGK, and the list goes on…

Q.) What got you into rap?

Growing up in the hood a lot of people rap.. I been doing it since 8 or 9 and I started from hearing dudes in a barber shop I use to get my hair cut at as a child rapping.

Q.) How long did it take for you to get your first bit of recognition?

Locally it was pretty instant once I did a couple talent shows and I use to hop out on peoples block that I knew rapped and battle. On a national level when the song I wrote for Detox leaked

Q.) The track that most know you for is It’s Like That which you wrote for Dr. Dre. Tell us about that track and how it leaked onto the internet.

I rather not discuss how it leaked but the song came about because one of my mentors Sam Sneed who use to be signed to Death Row records asked me if I had any records that would sound good for Dre’s project. I coproduced the track with a producer I was managing at the time and wrote it then sent it to Sneed to play for Dre.

Q.) You dropped a mixtape shortly after following that. Tell us about that tape.

The mixtape was called The Pulse . It was basically me rapping over industry beats and showcasing my lyrical ability.

Q.) You recently changed your name and dropped a project. Tell us about that. What’s different about that compared to the music you dropped as Prophet?

I changed my name to C.M.K. (Crown Me King) because I wanted a fresh start and to make it easier for search engines to find me. When you google Prophet a lot of religious things will come up long before anything music related. The name of the album I just dropped is Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing and is completely produced and performed by me. I even did the mixing and engineering on it.

Q.) What are your next moves in the entertainment industry?

I’m currently wrapping up two albums. One is with me rapping and the other is more of a mix of trap music and dancehall. I perform the lyrics in patoís which is easy for me to do since my background is Jamaican. I’m also managing an incredible young producer from Atlanta named Poundes

Q.) Who all do you plan on working with in the future in terms of collaborations and who would you like to work with?

I’d love to work with a slew of Jamaican artists like Alkaline, Masicka, Bounty Killer, Busy Signal, Sizzla and Capelton. As far as rappers are concerned I’d like to work with Benny the Butcher especially since my new album has two of his artists featured on it. I’d also like to work with Jay Z or really any one who is dope

Q.) What inspires you to make the music that you do?

My hometown city Homicide Hartford, my brother “Feet” who was murdered in Hartford a few years ago and God because he is the one that gave me the talent to make music

Q.) What is advice you’d give to up and coming artists?

Love what you do because the politics and business side of music will have you wanting to give up so you have to have a genuine passion for the craft.

Q.) Where can we listen to your music at and how can we find you on social media?

On Instagram I’m @CMKcrownMeKing on YouTube you can search Crown Me King Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing to find some of the newer music.

Q.) Any parting words for the fans and industry alike?

I just want to thank you for the opportunity to shed more light on my talent and shout out to the people that been rocking with me. If you not familiar with my music please check it out. I wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t great at it lol