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Bone Thugs - Art of War
« on: May 14, 2003, 11:27:07 PM »

Bone Thugs N Harmony – The Art of War

Disc 1

1. Retaliation…I think the beat for the intro was wasted because it could have been a nice track for them to spit a few lines over like in the E. 1999 intro.  Still a catchy hook.  4/5
2. Handle the vibe…All members flow nicely to beat.  It has a dark, but pop feel to it.  4.5/5
3. Look into my eyes…Laidback beat.  I think overall it’s an average track.  3/5
4. Body rott…A fuck the police with a dark feel to it.  Wish’s verse is weak, but all other members put it down.  4.5/5
5. It’s all Mo Thug…S l o w beat with an R&B feel to it.  Tight flows from all members.  5/5
6. Ready 4 war…Everybody flows here except for Majesty.  I’m really not diggin’ his verse.  4/5
7. Ain’t nuthin’ changed…Smooth track.  Nothing really exceptional lyric-wise, but a decent track.  3.5/5
8. Clog up yo mind…Classic Uneek production.  The hook is simple, but catchy.  4.5/5
9. It’s all real…Krayzie Bone solo song.  Beat fits nicely with his lyrics.  4/5
10.   Hardtimes…Krayzie interlude where he sings.  4/5
11.   Mind of a souljah…Layzie Bone solo song.  His lyrics are pretty good.  The beat just isn’t that good.  3/5
12.   If I could teach the world…A song with a message.  One of the softer songs on the album.  4/5
13.   Family tree…The beat reminds me of ‘Mo murder’.  Nice production.  Each member flows well.  4/5

Disc 2

1. Mo thug…interlude
2. Thug luv…How could this song not be a 5?  Very original beat.  Everybody puts it down here with 2Pac.  5/5
3. Hatin’ nation…Song has an R&B beat.  Lyrics are sung and slowed way down.  3/5
4. 7 sign…Bizzy solo featuring Majesty.  Both flow like hell.  4/5
5. Wasteland warriors…Hardcore beat.  Tight lyrics.  4/5
6. Neighborhood slang…Interlude sung by Krayzie Bone.  Music is just a piano, but the wind blowing in the background gives it that dark feel.  5/5
7. U ain’t Bone…A diss at the “Bone clones”.  Well crafted beat with a dark feel.  4/5
8. Get cha thug on…Wish solo.  The worst song on the CD.  Lyrics are terrible and the hook is weak.  1/5
9. All original…Deep bassline, tight beat.  Bizzy is absent from the lineup, but still one of the best on the CD.  5/5
10.   Blaze it…Interlude sung by Krayzie Bone about smoking weed.  2/5
11.   Let the law end…Rapid flows by all members.  Tight hook.  Beat is on point.  4.5/5
12.   Whom die they lie…This has the feel like it should have been on E. 1999.  Eerie background sounds.  4/5
13.   Friends…Tight laidback beat and flow.  Still has a dark feel.  4/5
14.   Evil paradise…Sounds like an experimental track to me.  It works though.  I’m diggin’ the whole song.  4/5
15.   Mo Thugs family tree…Uses the same beat as ‘Family tree’.  Still tight, but the other version with only the Bone members is better.  3.5/5


A solid second full length LP.  Something just seems to be lacking from their previous release.  The production is still tight, but it doesn’t have the same dark feel it did as in E. 1999.  The lyrics are still tight, but they just aren’t as good as before.  If this had been a one disc album it would have been a lot better.  


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Re:Bone Thugs - Art of War
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2003, 06:36:39 PM »
crackaz bringin it!, dope shit man, its cool that u dig bones shit that much. i might rate some songs differently on there thought, still a very dope album.


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Re:Bone Thugs - Art of War
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2003, 08:49:42 PM »
if bone made this one disc bone would have 3 classic albums under there belt