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South Central Cartel - N Gatz We Truss (Source Review)"
« on: May 19, 2003, 06:34:04 AM »
South Central Cartel - N Gatz We Truss
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So you thought all of the recent controversies surrounding gangsta rap would cause it to shrivel up and die, didn't you? Wrong again, loc. Brace yo' self, fool, because the South Central Cartel is straight jackin' niggas in the nine-fo'.

Here we go again, another group telling us about the ubiquitous strife and adversity of South Central Los Angeles. As the album's title suggests, this record contains a plethora of narratives that revolve around firearms and gang activity. But of course, the S.C.C. doesn't glorify these actions, they're just simply reporting on the realities of ghetto life.

The Cartel, which consists of Havoc Da Mouthpiece, Prodeje and Havikk Da Rymesan, are experts when it comes to dishing out the reel to reel stories of murder, madness and mayhem that we have all heard a billion times before. For example, songs like "Gang Story," "Stay Out of the Hood" and "Rolling Down the Block," all contain the usual gangsta themes: set tripping, cruising down Crenshaw and hoochies. Musically, the album is a tight blend of what is becoming the standard for gangsta albums: live musicians who replay old George Clinton snippets and funk breakbeats. On this level the S.C.C. guarantees that you have something good to ride to, but on the conceptual lyrical ends they fail to flip any styles that would allow them to really standout among their peers.

And that's the general vibe of the whole album, it's not wack but there is little that will set it apart from anything else out right now. This is generic gangsta rap that does not seek to venture into new territory. Not to say that it doesn't have a place--brothers shooting other brothers in drive-by shootings is real, and when examined in the right manner, these tales of expression can be quite poignant--but when you forget that the success of any good gangsta album lies in provacative lyrics and well-constructed, original beats, then it becomes the same ol' same ol'.

While the good people of California, Texas, Arizona, Lousiana and Michigan (who make up the majority of the S.C.C.'s 300,000 plus fan base) will definitely scoop this joint up and not be disappointed, those of us who need something more in terms of originality will probably make like Soul II Soul and keep on moving.

review by The Derelict Todd B.


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Re:South Central Cartel - N Gatz We Truss (Source Review)"
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I'll let Gangsta_T talk about this bullshit review.  ;)