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'The Fall' ~ By Indecisive
« on: May 25, 2003, 03:28:49 AM »
Song Name: 'The Fall'
Written by: 'Indecisiv3'


When you think you've got it all, you dont/
You think you'll miss the feeling of pain, you wont/
Will you follow the steps of others, until heaven calls/
Be your own idol, otherwise what comes up, soon falls/

*Verse 1:

Once i had nothing, only a happy home, and friends/
Now i have something, im violent prone, and people who pretend/
I ask myself questions, as to how this all happened to me/
Whatever the answer is, i've grown up quick and developed maturity/
Was this my destiny? to lose a once unbreakable bond, my mum and dad/
To soon be forced to lie for both to protect the truth, but not the feelings i once had/
Such an emotional conflict, ending up in me coming off worse/
People may only see the pain they've caused, when they're chasing my hurse/
Think im gone commit suicide? NO, think i'll get the people who lied? YES/
You should all look at me, and take my advice, im wise enough to know whats best/
I now think before my actions, i fight my own battles, dont need a faction, so haters confess/


Im so high, i can hear heaven/
Im so below hell, the numbers 777/
I will only find peace when im between them both/
But that cant happen, for that to be on earth, is something we can only hope/

*Verse 2:

No matter how much stress, there's people to catch me/
Brothers and Sisters are my guidance, mentioning 1, BECKY/
I remember the time we argued and i tried saying sorry, you wouldnt let me/
We did split from each others contact, you didnt leave me, i left me/
I left the old me back in that happy home, where i was on the computer/
Talking to you as much as i possibly could, because i didnt wanna lose ya/
Those slagging off matches when we used to just ave a go, and i'd abuse ya/
I hoped that you wouldnt take it seriously, which you didnt, it amused ya/
But we still in contact, and i hope that we meet in person coz your my sis/
I hope we get along like we do on the net, coz its something i would miss/
You've always been there, to help me through, and i respect your advice/
Deep down, i listen to you the first time, taking it all in, dont have to tell me twice/
Dont misenterpret this lines as offensive or demanding, this is a praise for you/
Coz i wanna cherish our talks, and friendship coz you cant get mates like you/


Who needs family, when you have mates/
The feeling when you meet em through fate/
Family try to make you think different, when your in a state/
But friends like you, listen and let me explain, you wait/
Thats why i'll remember and keep in contact with my closest mates/

*Verse 3:

Never has someone been able to see what i do/
But Aaron you have been my right hand man, no one else but you/
We see eye to eye 99% of the time, you and i are one of the same/
Your always there to support me, and cover my ass, and we put em all to shame/
When confronted indivudually, they insult both our names/
I share my thoughts, feelings, and you see that im always getting the blame/
Your more calm apon situations that arrise in seconds, where as my tempers not tame/
I've reached the point where i am sikotic in thinking/
I could day dream thinking so much, you wouldnt catch me blinking/
Your my brother and your the same as i am, in the way of mind/
You and I will remain loyal to each other, as our friendship is one of a kind/


As the winds change direction, a storm approaches/
As our thoughts become entwined, our mind focuses/
Prediction and Prophecicing is what we excell through/
The struggle for proving wrong is always tough to do/

*Verse 4:

All i want is for people to see that i am different/
I have all the qualities a girl, or friend would need in someone, its not co-insident/
My mind discovers glitches in peoples character or personality/
I become upfront about my findings, and make people face the reality/
Its a gift inhereted, or personally giving, which has given me individuality/
Sometimes i hope i am wrong, as it does not benefit others or me/
I dont say that i have this gift for the sake of being praised, thats too easy/
Its really something that has made me see the truth in people, but it can see me/
I give people the option of helping themselves, so they can breath freely/
When i say my "words of wisdom" respect whats said, and believe me/
As im not perfect, and i cant predict the whole future/
I just weigh up forthcoming situations and warn you to whatever suits ya/
With some advice, or simply a pair of ears to listen/
Negative thinkers always think their words im twistin/
Like they dont understand their own questions/
I just tell the same thing, and they get confused/
This shows that their not thinking straight, to understand the minds they've abused/
Filling them with warnings, threats, and stuff/
But people like me see through them like their invisible and call their bluff/
If they prove me wrong in one way, then they'll get a physical smackdown, they dont like it? tough!/


As the winds change direction, a storm approaches/
As our thoughts become entwined, our mind focuses/
Prediction and Prophecicing is what we excell through/
The struggle for proving wrong is always tough to do/


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Re:'The Fall' ~ By Indecisive
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2003, 03:39:15 AM »
Nice verses.. Im puzzeled to why the hook keeps changing


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Re:'The Fall' ~ By Indecisive
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2003, 04:38:33 PM »
yeh... hook kept changing, sort of weird. nice piece tho. when u gonna start makin audio

kick ass album


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Re:'The Fall' ~ By Indecisive
« Reply #3 on: May 25, 2003, 09:59:18 PM »
man that was pretty tight, like the others i was a bit confused about the hook, but i guess it changed to fit the different verses. some of the stuff you write was a bit off but i found that it was still all good coz you can feel emotion in that piece.
Coz you see at the age of birth, we was contaminated with the caucasions curse/
I dont know what came first, the pententiary or the purse/
But I aint into that crap, I'd rather lay back and start working on my raps/
While you niggas stay strapped, with a hoe on your lap, with a dirty puss and crack/
While I stay intact with my people, and carry the mic which is lethal/