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Baghdad boy band
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I don't know I'm having second thoughts about this whole war. ;D So America fought for oil and more boy bands.
LONDON, England (CNN) -- A Baghdad boy band that rehearses in a battered Volkswagen could be launched into the big time after attracting the attention of a talent scout.

British promoter Peter Whitehead will help the band, "Unknown to No One," record an album after hearing one of their demo tracks on his Web site.

He will travel to Baghdad with a makeshift studio, make some recordings then hopefully get a deal from a record company.

The band, who have a western style and sing in English, were making music before the war, playing in their Passat car.

"This is the starting point for us. We will be sending in a production team to make a really good single," Whitehead told CNN.

He said the band's influences were western, although their music would probably have some Iraqi influences. "Some of their heroes include bands like Chicago which are in their parents' record collection."

The band registered their demo on Whitehead's Web site, "We were going to go into Baghdad even in the Saddam era."

Whitehead said the band was grateful coalition troops had gone into Iraq and had picked up on the message that there would be opportunities for young creative people.