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One time, a friend asked me why I was not eating during a particular day.  I replied to him that I was fasting.  That I would not be eating from sunrise to sunset.  For some reason this upset him and he developed a strong aversion to what I was saying.  The conversation continued until finally he interupted me and said, "But doesn't that meaning your denying yourself something that you really want, so your changing how you really feel."  I replied to him that that was exactly what I was doing.  That I was fasting so that I may learn the practice of self-denial and self-restraint.  In this speach, I will explain the tool of fasting; and how this technique can be used to achieve discipline, knowledge, good health, spirituality, self-control, and success in one's life.  First I will explain why fasting nessacary in every individual's life; and then I will explain the many benefits of fasting.

Is there a need for better self-control when addictions such as alchohol and drug use effect the lives of 7 out of every 10 individuals in America?  Is there a need for better self-control, when a man wants to have sex with every woman he see's and cannot be faithful with his wife.  In America we have a divorce rate of 50% according to Joe Smith and John Doe.  Is there a need for better self-control and self-restraint when a violent crime is commited every 15 minutes in America.   It is strikingly clear that we need to put a leash on this society and our daily lives.  We can't say yes in response to every inclination our lower self suggests to us.  You can not be with every woman you find attractive.  You can not eat every time you feel a little hungry.  You can not yell and scream every time you feel angry; and then later ask to take those words back.  So in response to these social ills and diseases of the heart I offer you a solution in the practice of fasting.

What is it about fasting that can change the way a man thinks, the way a man acts, the way a man or woman treats their partner, their wife or husband, their children.  What is it about fasting that can make one have more sympathy for those less fortunate.  Less likely to usurp and exploit anothers resourses for their own personal gain.  Rap artist and poet 2pac Shakur says in an interview in a video made by Liela Stienberg, "This world would be a much better place if just for one month every year the rich traded places with the poor and the poor traded places with the rich."   Well, for one month every year, wealthy and poor Muslims alike take part in the practice of fasting so that they may better understand those 1 billion people around the world who can't eat because they don't have enough money.   I think this is a practice that everyone can implement into their life.  When a person is fasting.  It is not only drinking and eating that they are abstaining from.  They are aslo fasting with their eyes, fasting with their thoughts, fasting with their hands, their feet.  A good friend of mine used to always say, "if you want to know what's in a man's heart, watch his feet".  Look at how you move around and who you move around with.  And if your normal routine is to go grab a beer after work.  Today, while you are fasting, maybe it is better if you just go straight home after work and spend some time with your wife and kids.  H. Rap Browne aka Jamil Al Amin writes in "Revolution of the Book" that if someone comes to argue or pick a fight with you, you can reply, "I am fasting."   What is this saying?  This is saying that your duty to God, your fast from your normal daily routine, supercedes any worldly desire for attention and self-pleasure you may have here on Earth.  Man can not have everything he wants in life.  Man, can not have everything he desires.  When you are fasting, I want you to also fast with your eyes.  The prophet Muhammad is reported to have said when looking at a woman that "The first look is okay, to see who is coming, But the second look is from Shatan."   He was right.  How are we supposed to be focused and attentive to our wives at home if we have images of other man's women dancing around in our heads all day.  Lastly, I want to talk about one of the more salient aspects of fasting, and that is one's health.  When you fast your stomach becomes shorter, you desire to fill your body with less food.  Your actions become more humble and controlled.  Obesity in this country has gotten out of control.  I am personally convinced that none of these fad diets can produce better results than fasting that is perscribed by God and was practiced by Jesus, Muhammad, and many great prophets throughout time.

So in conclusion, I ask that you fast.  Maybe one day here, one day there.  Then maybe try to do it for a whole month.  And see if your attitude towards the lower things in this world.  Your inclination to fullfill carnal desires, watch it disapear from your mind and hearts.  Thank you for listening to my speach.
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the divorce rate is 60% not 50%.  either way,  both numbers are truly alarming


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Im fasting too...soo stoned but Iam refusing to eat until I get the energy to goto the hot tub an take a shower...clowning on Bigg GayG is soo addicting, lol but now im out!!!