Author Topic: Civil Rights Violation in Los Angeles (MTA)  (Read 82 times)


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Civil Rights Violation in Los Angeles (MTA)
« on: July 18, 2003, 05:42:47 PM »
Damn the MTA (Bus Service here in L.A)

They created the Pasadena Gold Line which steals, disposses and builds a train on the backs of Indegenous Peoples, Mexicans, Blacks, and Chinese. And the Pasadena Gold line is 13.7 Miles and it will cost around 850 millios bucks to build.....only around 28,000 riders will hop on this line ...while the vermont bus like has 45,000 riders and they are taking buses away from this line.  ANd who is gonna pay for this ??? The bus more transfer, we will have to pay double basically, and they will also raise bus passes. Fucken bastards. All for a damn line who wont carry that many passengers compared to other lines that run through the poor towns.  FUCK THE MTA