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AKonArtist RebornŠ # Sohh wrote this


Originally posted by AKonArtist RebornŠ
- When i bought this, i didnt realize it was like a real mixtape, meaning that, alchemist is talking over tracks in dj kayslayish fasion. There is also a little clip of prodigy saying '1st infantry' over every song, during the rappers verses.  Because of this, i will deduct '.5' from each rating, so if you dont mind the talking over tracks just add '.5' to my review points.
The Alchemist Presents: The Cutting Room Floor (1st Infantry Mixtape) [/u]

1) Intro
- Just a little skit between alchemist and his compadres digging for old songs, tracks, etc.  Non Ratable
2) MOP + Kool G Rap - Streat Team (Remix) - Some of you may have heard this, beat is definatly a banger.  MOP comes hard as fuck as usual.  Kool G Rap comes nice as usual, normal Kool G.  4/5
3) Friday Night Flavas[/b] - Another Skit, basically about nothing Non Ratable
4) Havoc - Walk With Me - Produced by Havoc. Beat is definatly sick.  Reminds me of some Murda-Musik type era.  Havoc definatly comes ill on this shit, better than usual. CANT WAIT FOR THE SOLO! 4.5/5
5) Lil Dap - Deep Meditation -Beat is some good shit.  Average alchemist beat.  The switchup i definatly dont like though.  Lil Dap comes ass, as usual.  Chorus REAL annoying.  2.5/5
6) Mobb Show Intro - Just another skit, about the mobb, alchemist, etc.  A nice little beat rides for a little while.  No rapping, so no review.  Non Ratable
7) Freeway - Still In Effect - When the beat kicks in, its hot.  It gets a little boring after a while.  Theres a little vocal sample.  Freeway is Freeway (if you like him, then the verse is sick, if you dont, its not). 3.5/5
8) Havoc + G.O.D. - First To Drop A Beat The Boldest - WHOA!!!!!!!  Produced by Havoc.  BEAT IS ILLL!!!!!!!!!!! HAVOC COMES ILLL!!!!!!!!  Sounds like some pre-Murda Muzik era.  G.o.D comes pretty good, but none the less, the track is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.  
9) Nashawn - In Jail - Nice little piano loop.  Famous drum loop, kind of outdated, and boring.  No bassline.  Nashawn comes normal, nothing special, boring. Track is zzz.  3/5
10) Prodigy - P Broke The Switch - Beat is average Alchemist.  Prodigy comes real ass, as normal today P comes.  'I get high like planes' :(.  Average Track. 3/5
11) Queens Cliques - Thug Shit - Dope Alchemist Beat.  Capone comes dope. Nore, is normal Nore, rapping about nothing. 'They call me DAN, DEAD ARM NORE' :D.  Kool G Rap comes dope. 'Fuckin bitches in tanning beds' :D. Dope Track.  4/5
12) Friday Night Flavaz pt 2 - Another skit, talkin bout dilated peoples album, 1st infantry, etc.  Non Ratable
13) Dilated Peoples - Theives - Beat is dope.  Same sample as 'Nas - Poppa Was A Playa', Nas's version might have been a little better, but both are dope.  Prodigy On The Chorus AND has a verse.  Prodigy comes better than usual, but still nothing special.  Chorus is average chorus.  Dilated Come pretty dope, normal, but still nothing special.  Dope track.  3.5/5
14) Big Noyd - Thats My Style - Beat is DOPE! Alchemist definatly has a banger right here.  Im not a big noyd fan, but he comes ill on this beat.  Lyrics, energy, flo, etc. match the beat PERFECTLY.  Dope Track. 4.25/5
15) Inspectah Deck - Stay Bent - Dope Beat. INS comes dope.  Nice Track.   Alchemist doesnt let the whole song play though, cuts it off after one verse. 4/5
16) Mobb Deep - Backwards - This was on the 'Free Agents' Bonus disk.  Alchemist lets the sample play, the shows how he chopped it up.  Did a pretty good job.  Sample isnt that ill. Normal Sample.  Nice Track.  Lyrics are normal modern day MOBB.  This is on the 1st Infantry Album.  3.5/5
17) Infamous Mobb + Chinky - Kay Slay Shit[/i] -  Beat is on some DARK shit.  Definatly Sick.  Some of you may have heard this beat in that video clip Alchemist had on the internet a while ago.  Anyway, this is like a kayslay promo. Pretty Dope.  4/5

This was a dope album.  Even though it had The Alchemist talking over the tracks, it wasnt anything that messed up the tracks completely like kayslay, cut master c, etc. mixtapes. If you dont mind the DJ, go buy this album now.  Even if you dont like
that talkin over the tracks, still go get it, definatly ill.  I Dont regret buying the album, especially for only $10.  Beats were banging in my car. No conceptual type songs, but hey, its mobb deep, never conceptual.



This album recieved 3 Mics in the Source.....BS
Go support him and go buy it!


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Re:'The Alchemist Presents: The Cutting Room Floor (1st Infantry Mixtape)
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hmm didnt really feel this album but informative review

thanks  ;)


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Re:'The Alchemist Presents: The Cutting Room Floor (1st Infantry Mixtape)
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coo,thanks for postin the review up

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