Author Topic: B-boys Topical Collab...Kuanyin and Jemuel  (Read 63 times)


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B-boys Topical Collab...Kuanyin and Jemuel
« on: July 29, 2003, 09:44:01 AM »
Kuan steps up & blazes the page'.

To my man Shawn:

everytime i remember your passing, it feels like i catch a heart-shot,
i make my car-stop, and think, "why am i the only one in this dark-spot?/
When i knelt in front of your coffin, it felt like my-knees-bruised,
from the weight, i would've confronted your parents, but i thought i'd-seem-rude/
i dont wanna sound gay or nuttin', when i say "i need-you",
cuz i love you so much, like some fresh cooked chinese-food/
sometimes, i contemplate su-i-cide, thinkin "i guess its never too-soon-to-die",
you-and-i?,if i cru-ci-fied myself, then we would never un-i-fy/
oh, and by the way, i'm breakin' into tears just writin'-this,
I DONT CARE if you like-my-shit, i'd sacrifice my life twice-for-him!!/
people see me on the out-side, they shout-"hi", and believe happiness,
they can't see my out-cry, how-I live through it, i guess is with this rappin-shit/
for you, every ounce-of-my-blood, forms a fountain-of-love,
sprinkles out-and-above, just to flood our path to death, a mountain-of-mud/
even though i may speak well,it's such an emotional-subject,
not known-to-give-up-yet, after you passed, i knew i was prone-to-much-stress/
but we will meet again, and we can share some great-stories,
until i'm gone, pray-for-me, and tell the lord to save space-for-me.

Ya man Kuan

Droppin Jem's

Off my hat goes.....................................
as black crowes carry your flesh to nether shadows...
The further the other side, the greener the grass grows...
Spirit brother...Innocence...Youth....Open mindedness...
All lost in the blizzard of time, stress, & violent sets...
Gone like exhaled ashes of zig zags, hidden like skin mags...
My tired soul shivers through nuclear winters in thin rags...
This hurts worse than steel toed kicks to the gonads...
One day we'll wander as invisible nomads with toe tags...
Till then I'll continue to rip the hinges off this galaxy...
To prove I still hear your voice whisper in this tragedy...
But I stutter, stammer, & strain to do the right thing...
I'd take flight, but lightning struck my left & right wing...
I now know how Icarus felt as he descended in flames...
And how God's view of Eden was never the same...
After the fall of Man and his rapid journey to darkness...
Food for worms, entering hades in a burning catharsis...
Still learning to crawl, I call out and wait for an answer...
You can almost touch & taste my hate for your cancer...
The most I could do was watch it advance as you slept...
When you passed I damn near shit my pants as I wept...
The castle's been destroyed & I'll never find your portraits...
But your memory stays safe in my heart's iron fortress...
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Re:B-boys Topical Collab...Kuanyin and Jemuel
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Re:B-boys Topical Collab...Kuanyin and Jemuel
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2003, 06:50:20 AM »
the shits tight dogg, didnt read the others but yours was fuckin good


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Re:B-boys Topical Collab...Kuanyin and Jemuel
« Reply #3 on: July 31, 2003, 03:28:33 PM »
deep, good writing skillz...i'm a peep more of your threads, peace.
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