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Bez's Story For The Goonies 2!!
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Right how about this story, All the ORIGINAL Goonies return home (The Goondocks) and Mikey has already arranged for them all to meet up and catch up. MIkey mother and father still living in the house where the jorney began drop a bomb and Mikey and Brand by telling them that the house is too big for them now and because both have left home they have decided to sell up and leave the Goondocks.
MIkey and Brand being shocked as ever try to talk their parents out of moving but there minds are set and they inform that they have already sold the house and have bought another house far far away and they tell Mikey and Brand thats why they wanted them to come down for the next week because they have to be out of the house in a week.

A few days passes and MIkey and Brand are cleaning the house from top to bottom ready for the move. When it is finally time to clean the attic, They climb up into the attic and Mikey and Brand remenisce over the adventure they had when they found Willies ship. While cleaning up the attic (Which strangly enough remains the same even after all these years) Mikey makes a discovery of 3 more maps leading to rich stuff. Mikey seems to jump back like 20 years in age and he starts bugging Brand about Rich stuff and another adventure. Brand tells Mikey of how they are not that young anymore and he informs Mikey of how the maps are sealed in Envelopes that are labeled Europe. Brand tells Mikey that his is not going to travel to Europe for something that for all they know could of been found years ago.

Mikey realising the reality of this puts his head down and says to himself What if, ha What if. When Brand turns his back Mikey decides to fold up the map and place it into his back pocket. He then places the Envelope labled Europe back into the box and lifts the box up and places it on top of many others that are to be taken down stairs ready for the move. As he puts the box onto another box an envelope falls to the floor. Mikey thinking this box is a box only for European maps doesnt look at the label on the envelope and he just picks it up and throws it back into the box.

This now sets the story for the movie, as the envelope that he didnt look at the label on was an envelope labeled American Maps, which the viewer will see when Mikey is carring the box downstairs. As this being a box with European and American maps in, it is clear that when somebody was reading one of the maps he might of put it back in the wrong envelope.

Mikey, Stef, Mouth, Andy, Brand, Data and Chunk all meet up at the wishing well and are all talking about things, MIkey gets the map out that he has put in his back pocket from the attic clearout and is showing it to the guys. One of the gang says wow it would be great to do that again, but this time get more than just a bag of jewels. The group enjoy a laugh and Mikey tells the group that he would love to do the adventure again but he got the map from a envelope labeled European maps, so it looks like it wouldent be happening. He folds the map back up and places it once again into his back pocket. He then tells the group that his parents are leaving town and they are going tommorrow, tommorrow being the day that the rest of the Goonies go back home from there week long visit is The Goondocks. Mikey and Brand inform the group that they will be going with there parents to the new house to help them set up and get everything up and running.

The Goonies say there goodbyes from 1 another and they all say they will stay in touch. The next MAIN SCENE would involve Mikey lying on his bed looking at the map, he is trying to find a name of the place where this maps leads to. He notices a place called San Ria, he looks confused and places the map on his bedside table and turns his light off.

IN the moring Mikey Brand and Mum and Dad are standing outside the house, taking 1 last look at the place. The family get in the car and begin to follow 3 or 4 removal vans, Miss walsh tells Brand and Mieky to try and get sum sleep its a long drive, Mikey asks his Mum "Mar where is it you are moving to again". Miss Walsh reply's, its a place on the coast and it has alot of history take a guess, Mikey looks puzzled and reply "errrrrrr Miami, haha" Miss Walsh says no silly, its a lovely little place called "San Ria".

Mikey just about to fall asleep shoot out of his seat and scream WHAT San Ria. The van skids to a stop.


Thats how I think the Goonies 2 should be. The San Ria map had obviously been put into the wrong envelope and I think that Mikey should call all the original Goonies when he gets to San Ria and they should embark on a simliar adventure to the first 1. Maybe the Goonies kids could also be involved. but I think with kids it would be hard to focus on the main charachters. What you all think???
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Re: Bez's Story For The Goonies 2!!
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man, dont type so much... i cbf readin all dat bullshit
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Re: Bez's Story For The Goonies 2!!
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I wrote it cos I wanted too, I hoped intelligent people would give me some good responses, you where obviously not on that list.
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