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The most expensive cities in the world..
« on: July 29, 2003, 05:33:06 PM »
1   Tokyo (Japan)
2   Osaka (Japan)
3   Oslo (Norway)
4   Zurich (Switzerland)
5   Libreville
6   Moscow
7   London
8   Geneva
9    Reykjavik
13     New York
16     Stockholm
22     Frankfurt
24     Dublin
56     Mexico City

They only put up parts of the list.. magazine The Economist will publish the whole list later..

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Re:The most expensive cities in the world..
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Hey and a li'l more to add to ur thread.....

FOR A CHEAP HOLIDAY says latest Worldwide Cost of Living survey
Holidaymakers looking  for late bargains  this summer would be well  advised  to  avoid  Asia, according  to  the Economist Intelligence Unit’s latest Worldwide Cost of Living  survey. Tokyo remains  the world’s costliest city, while other  tourist  destinations  such  as  Hong Kong and Singapore also are in the top ten. In all, five of the world’s ten costliest cities are Asian.
The  UK’s  beleaguered  tourism industry won’t be buoyed by the  appearance  of  London at number seven on the list—the most expensive in the EU. In fact in Europe only Oslo is dearer. Paris is the most expensive in the Eurozone. Europe does still offer budget locations, though. Travellers should head east to find the biggest bargains. Cities such as Budapest and Istanbul are down in 121st and 110th places. However, other European city break destinations such as Lisbon (81st), Rome (66th) and Dublin (61st) still represent excellent value.
Relative costs, US$
                                      Hong Kong Johannesburg London New York Sydney
Three course dinner for four
 people at a top restaurant      608.98     312.26        477.95 525.00    293.63
Kodak colour film (36 exposures)  3.33      4.19            8.08    7.09        5.31
Wine, common table (750 ml)       8.97     5.15             5.13    7.99       5.10
Four best seats at cinema          33.33    10.71            52.94  36.00    27.50

In the US, New York remains the most expensive, coming in just below London in eighth place. While the US doesn’t represent the bargain it did 12 months ago, those looking to make  their cash go further may prefer to look at Atlanta, where the cost of living index is just 73% of New York’s.
The  biggest draw, however,  could be Australia, where, due to a weakening Australian dollar, cities have been among the biggest fallers on the listing—Sydney, for example, drops 18 places to number 72. This means that while as little as a year ago it was on a par with cities such as Brussels or Milan, nowadays it is no more expensive than Panama City or Montevideo.
For those with more exotic tastes—and a shoestring budget—Africa could be the place to head. Cheapest of all is Johannesburg, with an index less than half of New York’s, while Nairobi and Harare come  in  a  little higher. Alternatively, if Asia  still appeals more, a trip to New Delhi or Jakarta will get you most for your traveller’s cheques. There are two major reasons why a city’s cost of living index will change over time: exchange rate movement and price movement. If, for example, a currency strengthens or inflation pushes the price of goods up, so the relative cost of living in that country will also rise. Worldwide Cost of Living, the bi-annual Economist Intelligence Unit survey compares prices and products in 133 cities around  the world.  Its purpose is to  provide  companies  with  an unbiased and independent guide from which allowances can be calculated for executives and their families being sent overseas. The Economist Intelligence Unit can calculate indices based on any one of the cities. The data quoted here used New York as a base index of 100 for comparisons.


Re:The most expensive cities in the world..
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^^^ Dated March 2001.


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Re:The most expensive cities in the world..
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This is true !!!

:( i could never afford to buy my house in london...well in a nice part anyway lol

brighton is same prices as london also but i guess thats going a bit far into countries cities.

jo'burg is cheap as chips

lil Bullet from berdoo

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Re:The most expensive cities in the world..
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i think cost of living is high everywhere though....


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Re:The most expensive cities in the world..
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lol oslo and zürich
god damn that destroys me :[
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