Author Topic: CREDITS: Illanoise - Cinematic: The World's First Movie Mixtape (Bootleg)  (Read 266 times)


1. Intro
2. DJ Drama Intro
3. Scarface (Prod. By J.B.)
4. King Of New York (Prod. By Dirty Yella)
5. Carlito's Way Intro (Prod. By Universal)
6. Carlito's Way (Prod. By Universal)
7. Fresh (Prod. By Dan Dalaney)
8. Belly
9. Superfly
10. Love And Basketball (Prod. By Universal)
11. Boyz N Da Hood (Prod. By Grand Larceny)
12. Troy (Prod. By Universal And Dirty Yella)
13. Juice
14. Goodfellas (Prod. By Enduhstreetz)
15. Blow (Prod. By Gunz N Butter)