Author Topic: George W. Bush, really just in the wrong place in the wrong time  (Read 78 times)

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I love this saying. because it's so easy to just say it, and dismiss all the nations problems as just that, Bush catching a bad break. After all, we admire him for being the president during 9-11. Not like it's hard with all your advisers to grap sense of what is going on. Though most of his advisers did kind of disagree with each other. But whatever, Bush did have pressure, for sure. Not anyone can do it, but then again, every president has had pressure at some point. That is not the point, the point is how we deal with pressure.

The economy, which is my favorite. People are like, he came on the economy downturn, which is true. The econom was falling at the time. BUT, same with Hoover, he was president during the GREAT DEPRESSION. It still was no excuse, he did not want to do anything about it, which caused his losing the election, and FDR taking over, and making programs for the struggling people. During the worst times, FDR was able to turn around the economy, how ever fast or slowly he did, and show to people he cares. Bush cut taxes, which is cool, because history prove that cutting taxes does help in some situations, but at the sametime, Ronald Reagan had his Reagonomics, and aside from the rich, people either stayed the same, or grew poorer. Bill Clinton was successful because he raised the wealthy's taxes, and this allowed more money to come in, since the rich have more money, and the money was distrubited instead of saved. Bush inhearded an economy that could bounce back up, but instead fell down.

9-11, a pressure time for the nation for sure. i know I was one of the first people to say, I don't care who's in office right now, I support the president in his decisions to lead our country. He basically allowed hi advisers to talk to other nations, like Collin Powell talking to Pakastan, and what not, and as it turned out, we were able to case the Taliban out of power of Afganistan, but not get Bin Laden. Then in a totally un-related move, Bush looked at intelligence from other nations, and wanted to attack Iraq. He used the term 9-11 I think like 9 times in one speech. Which 9-11 in our memories, we wanted to believe him, so we followed him to war. I personally did not, because I did not see Iraq and Afganistan the same. Afganistan, we were fighting a terriorist group that attacked us. In Iraq, Bill Clinton bombed what was believe to be the weapons of mass distruction, which was during Monica trails, so I guess that it a front huh. But Clinton said they might have destoyed all the weapons that day. Without updated CIA information, we assumed we didn't, since that bombing was just a front. We go to war, and then there is no weapons, are solders aren't hit with weapons, and we get their Sudds, which we know they have because that's all they use. They can go 200 miles over their limit, which really isn't anything, and we are made to look like fools.

Yeah George Bush is a person who was caught up in the wrong place in the wrong time, but what's really bad, is we got the wrong president in the wrong time too.


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Re:George W. Bush, really just in the wrong place in the wrong time
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2003, 03:23:12 AM »
Bush will be re-elected - since they find bin Laden /saddam 1 week 'fore re-election  :D
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Re:George W. Bush, really just in the wrong place in the wrong time
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2003, 01:24:50 PM »
I don't understand your post... what weak minded fuck is telling you that Bush is in the wrong place at the wrong time?  He's in the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT time.  

He has a unique opportunity to take advantage of the growth of conservatism in america today.  He's doing a great job, I'm not going to apologize for anything he's doing by saying he's in the wrong place, I just thank god he WAS in office when we got bombed, he's taken it at 'em instead of just being a pacifist while rome burns.

As for the economy, maybe you haven't paid any attention, but the economy is surging forward.  We're no longer in a recession, and haven't been for many quarters now.  Bush caught us on the downslide, and has helped invigorate the economy.  By election time, it will be in really good shape again.  The positive economy that Reagan instituted and kept growing through the Clinton Years wasn't going to grow forever, it had to drop, now it's hit bottom and is on it's way back up again.  Life is great, the world is peachy.