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I'll post what I want, I am just making my point in a simple term that this shit is getting tiring and boring now.  In every thread there is Korea this, Ref this Italy that Spain this.  We shud have 1 thread called MOANING CRYING TWATS and let all the divvy's post there.  that ok for you javi da moron?
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Drunken fool, do you still want me to show how moron and ignorant you are? Cause i did it for your last 300 posts. So please shut up and enjoy your party.

Korea made 1 shot in 88 mins against Italy, and 1 in 90 against Spain. Then the refrees made the difference.

About Portugal.. i didnt give a fuck about them until we faced Korea. I mean.. they received a bad refree, just like Belgium, or Turkey, or USA. The strange thing was been the game vs Italy, the 2nd consecutive. Then Spain, the 3rd. 3 consecutive robbed games.

But... oh.. continue celebrate. You so dumb that you cant even understand that, while you all are celebrating, the whole world (but England, of course) is thinking you robbed and you didnt deserve to be there. If you dont care, then you dont know what sport is about. It's not about regime no more, man. It's not Korean power vs West Coast World power. LOL. Update your mind.

BWHAHAHAHAHA!! can you get any more ignorant and dumber???? dude why do you lie so much when we all know the stats??? this is the OFFICAL STATS:

korea-spain game:

                             korea                            spain
number of shots:         8(3)                              18(8)
fouls:                         20                                   21
corner kicks:                5                                      6
off-sides:                    2                                       5
time of poss                51%                                   49%
yellow cards                1                                       2
red card                      0                                       0
saves                         8                                         3

in the korea-italy game:

                             korea                                  italy
shots:                        12(7)                               14(6)
fouls:                         29                                      22
corner kicks                  10                                     7
off sides                       0                                       5
time of possess              56%                                  44%
yellow cards                  4                                       4
red cards                       0                                       1
saves                            5                                      6

BTW...the prenthesis is the actual number of shots that was headed for the goal....and spain took 8 shots actually towards the goal compared to our 3...and for the italy they took 6 compared to our 7 point is korea isn't winning because of no bullshit you can see on the stats...we are winning mostly of skill, home court advantages and i admit one or two lucky calls...

we took only one shot?? LMAO..what a dumbass

its put it this way the korea team is 80% is skill, 15% home crowd, and 5% lucky calls(since we only get 1 or 2)

the whole world think we robbed??? LOL there is at least 200-300 countries in the world.....italy and spain doesn't make it 200-300 LOL...go study mathematics..seriously man just quit it.....i've never seen ANYONE bitch like this in my whole entire life....don't be a coward and PLEASE go out in the public for once in a while and get some help FAST.....

p s. do you live in italy???