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lyrical magic
« on: October 25, 2003, 02:17:07 AM »
Put your mind into these verses, time has passed, before I was able to express this\
these textures, under microscops present genetic information\
u become so asured in  superiority, what's left, is just the confesion\
multi sylebalized comand of this beat versus man conversation\
the tention, could be cut with sezerz, I stand my crown,
but ain't safe from a knife in my back like Julius Ceasar\
U dudes is inferior, and as such, your pasterior, is intruded due to scenario'\
homosexsual imagery is very common in RAP, so Im inspired, take it  and use it, but on a diffrened step\
fill the GAPS, oh I forgot, there ain't none in this play\
before u left, made u stay, got your brain bubbling, like a Gama Ray\
People always claim, I ain' quite the convensional poet, your steriotypical logic ain't helping, so yall better throw it\
I ain't against it, Im FOR it, as long as it doesn't touch me, so store it\
 don't let it slip, get a grip, a number of battles will be won, due to a tested method\
this is my gift to yall tallantless brats, me?- I do it seprate\
my hatred, towards the unmessured amounts of skilless preachers, transformed to an unstopable will to keep'em alive and teachem\
increase their preseption for the infinite posabilities the univese presents for their education, and richem\
and than, ironic twist, the student shell battle his teacher, and confront him, and than\
it seems like I create my own worthy oponents\

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